Opening Hours :  Mon-Fri 09:30-17:00
Call us: 01603 904500 - 07776128022

Our process

1. You contact us

You may call us or use the contact form provided. We will use the information provided to give you a competitive quote or request more information if needed.

2. Arrival and diagnosis

After the arrival of the faulty device, We will begin repair. Sometimes these can be done while you wait others will be completed by the end of that working day, Unless parts are needed to be ordered in which you will be notified prior to this.

3. Repair

You device will then be repaired using the highest quality parts available. Ensuring that the finished repair is to that of the original manufactured quality if not greater. You device is then tested to ensure durability and for full functionality.

4. Return or collection

Once the device has been tested and is ready to be returned to you. You will be contacted to collect the device if you have opted for a posted return it will be sent with an insured courier (DPD). £8 will be added to your bill for this service