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LCD Repair

Whether it is a crack or no display at all. We can replace your broken screen in under 20 mins.

Battery Replacement

If your battery is no longer holding charge it is time for a replacement.

Charge port repair

Over time your charge port will get worn. If you have to bend the cable to get it to charge then it needs replacing.

earpiece speaker

If you in-call sound is very quiet or you hear a buzz the earpiece is most likely damaged.


If you are not sure what repair you need, Book in for a diagnosis we can find the faults and provide a quote.

Rear Housing

If the rear housing is damaged and needs changing we can do that. Ask about our colour options.

Power button

We repair faulty power buttons. Get a quote today.

volume buttons

Volume buttons not working? It is time to have that repaired!


We can swap out your front or rear camera in a flash!

audio jack

If your audio jack is blocked or is faulty in any way. Book it in for a repair.


We can get your device connected in no time, Whether you have no connection or a slow one.


Are you facing ‘No Service’ or even poor signal issues? Get in touch as we can help you.


If your sound is buzzing or quiet the speaker is likely to be ready for replacement. Book it in today.

home button

If your home button is no longer working or has been damaged in any way.  Come in and have it replaced.

Need Something else ?

Use the form provided to ask about the service you require.

Let's repair your gadget


How long will my repair take?

Most repairs are completed within 20-45 minutes. Repairs that involve diagnosis or advanced board work will take longer but repair time estimates will be explained at time of booking.

Is there any guarantee with my repair?

Yes, every repair is guaranteed for 3 months (unless otherwise stated). If you have a problem after this time, Contact us as we will inspect the device and find the appropriate solution.

Are the parts genuine?

Yes and no, All of the Samsung LCD’s are bought direct from Samsung so those are genuine. The iPhone screens are high copy as genuine are not available to buy, Unless you are having one of the Original refurbished LCD’s therefore those are genuine. All our batteries are genuine and small parts such as internal cables and buttons etc are a mix, Some genuine others high copy. Please ask if you would like to know the quality grade of your part.

How can I pay?

You can pay using Cash, Card or even Bank Transfer.


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